Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can't believe it has been a year!

This past weekend was Homecoming at FHU! I had a bit of a breakdown, because I realized that this weekend last year was the weekend that we brought Kealeigh home from the hospital. Jason and I were talking about how we could not believe it had been a year. We have had a lot of things going on. Kealeigh is a mess! She is walking now and into everything. She is so cute walking because she is so small! She is talking more now and has decided that she likes to eat baby food now. She has been eating good for the past two weeks. Last time that we went to the doctor she weighed 17 lbs. and was 28 inches long. On the 20th of November, she technically would be a year old! We are getting there slowly. She is in 6 month clothing now! God has blessed us so much!

We are so excited about traveling for the holidays. Jason and I both need a break from our jobs! Jason is staying so busy with school and coaching. We finished girls soccer and he had a week off and then jumped into coaching Freshman boys basketball. I enjoy it...it is what I grew up doing and I love it! I am a little scared to put my Christmas tree up, because I am not sure what Kealeigh will do!

Our families are extremely busy right now. Jason's brother Nathan is getting married in December. My brother, Tyler and his wife are expecting a baby in May. Fun and excitement all around!

I guess that is all that is going on right now. We hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Love to you all!